IT Forensics

The preservation, identification, extraction, analysis, and interpretation of digital data, with the expectation that the findings will be introduced in a court of law.


At ITUS we gather the best talent in the UK IT Forensics industry that have the in depth skills and experience to provide a world class service to our clients. Not only in PC’s, Laptops and Networks but Mobile phones, Sat Navs and Tablets. We can investigate historic evidence or install software that will enable you to detect all that is happening on a device (ultimately owned by you or your organisation legally).



  • Reveal direct evidence on machines
  • Associate a machine with data
  • Provide investigative leads
  • Reveal evidence that corroborates or refutes allegations or alibis
  • Reveal behavioural evidence
  • Document computer equipment and peripherals prior to removal
  • Time analysis
  • Graphic analysis
  • Application logs
  • Internet cache
  • Chat logs
  • Metadata
  • Using online search engines
  • Web history
  • Identify web surfing session
  • Where/when did they open browser
  • How did they get to the significant finding
  • Web mail
  • Other activities
  • All goes toward user attribution
  • Obtained by a method which does not, in any way, alter any data on the drive being duplicated
  • Duplicate must contain a copy of every bit, byte, and sector of the source drive
  • Duplicate will not contain any data except filler characters (for bad areas of the media) other than that which was copied from the source media
  • Accurate, verifiable, reproducible
  • Incident response/forensic imaging is the most important step in the entire electronic investigation, failure can invalidate or make inadmissible all further information gathered from the digital evidence

We have the capabilities to monitor and report on Mobile Phones:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Call logs
  • Call recording
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Bugging (using the phone as a microphone and camera) undetected

We comply with the laws of each Jurisdiction the phone is located in and need to inform all clients of this service what can and cannot be done to comply with the law.

With agents in over 130 countries, we deliver discovery, on time and to budget.