Global research capabilities we believe are essential when clients are contemplating major new financial or business relationships.

Our Clients assign us to conduct domestic and international due diligence investigations of potential acquisitions, joint business venture partners, vendors, suppliers, competitors, subcontractors, or even investors and candidates to be hired in executive or other sensitive positions.


Our experience in due diligence enquires, both here in the UK and internationally, provides us with an acute awareness of particular issues to look for as we gather information.

Our clients require us to triple check the credentials and reputation, investigate the background and track record of companies and their management in which an investment or business deal is contemplated.


Also, to assign us to verify and confirm the accuracy of counter-parties representations as to their assets, operations and capabilities and to red flag potential discrepancies.

The following is a partial list of examples:

  • Inappropriate confluence of corporate and manager interests, including potential self-dealing, nepotism and related party transactions
  • Misrepresentations in CVS or other descriptions of professional experience
  • Personal or business relationships with undesirable individuals, businesses or governments; e.g. financing from criminal sources
  • Covert visits and unannounced audits
  • Full trading analysis
  • Directorships and share involvements
  • Asset searching and undisclosed interests
  • Undisclosed criminal or civil litigation or adverse regulatory actions
  • Business records and trading relationships

Our team of investigators are meticulous in any analysis of the enquiry we undertake and our interviewing skills have been honed over many years to elicit any crucial information often from sources that are reluctant to divulge.


We have an International surveillance capability that employs skilled and experienced operatives with many years of expertise. Up to today our operatives have not been detected by their target.


We undertake assignments from initial client brief. We undertake research in the UK on Open Source intelligence via publicly available databases. We also search proprietry databases that are not available to the public. We undertake research and intelligence in the Country of interest. We project Manage and pass all reports via our Quality Management System.

With agents in over 130 countries, we deliver discovery, on time and to budget.