Due Diligence

Contemplating a new partnership, joint venture, merger, or corporate restructuring? Then consider the benefits of a Business Intelligence investigation. In today's business environment, timely and accurate intelligence isn't an option-it's a necessity.


A business that operates directly, or via joint ventures, outside the UK, needs to understand the importance of compliance. With our Due Diligence reports you will minimise the risk to your business and you personally. We take into account the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK anti-Bribery and anti Money Laundering Acts.


Business Intelligence investigations not only protect your current or future intellectual property, but they safeguard your company's reputation. What happens if you forge full-steam ahead into a new business deal without one? Are skeletons waiting in the closet, ready to destroy you or your company's reputation? Will you be extradited to the United States to answer charges? What other problems are lurking beneath the surface? You'll never be 100 percent certain that your business relationships will work out as planned-but a little Business Intelligence goes a long way towards ensuring a beneficial, rather than detrimental, deal.

Often, it is necessary to fully investigate an organisation or person’s history from multiple sources, whether private databases, non-standard sources which lawyers or accountants are unlikely to use, and, where necessary, human source due diligence acquired from our extensive international network of vetted and trusted sources.

All due diligence information obtained by ITUS is analysed and reported to enable our clients to assist them in making informed business decisions before engaging in any major business ventures. This service is carried out discreetly by our investigators based in the UK with additional utilisation of agents in Country to provide local knowledge and support.

At ITUS we use agents in the Country of interest. We do not just use database searches in the UK like most of our competitors. Business Intelligence investigators utilise a wide variety of investigative techniques. At ITUS, we consult with you to agree exactly what you need and why.

Whether it's a limited public records search, or an in-depth investigation spanning the globe, we'll put our discreet Business Intelligence Consultants to work to make sure your deal meets, instead of defeats, your business objectives. This will give you the confidence to make an informed business decision while in possession of the facts.

With agents in over 130 countries, we deliver discovery, on time and to budget.