Asset Recovery

This service is aimed at individuals or companies that have been the victims of criminal activity and suffered financial loss as a result.

Some of our personal clients have been victims of investment or property scams usually perpetrated from abroad or the assets have disappeared abroad.


Our corporate clients range from Government Agencies to large organisations and high net worth individuals that have been the victims of fraud.

We also act for Lawyers and Insolvency Practitioners.

We provide clear and unbiased advice with analysis relevant to the integrity of your investment or assets; we have years of experience in identifying the assets of fraud and negotiating the return of these assets to the client.

If you or your company has lost significant funds due to fraud, theft, false claims, etc. ITUS can identify all the criminal gain, provide a report of the value of realisable assets and have these returned to the client. We get it back!


We utilise a wide variety of investigative techniques. At ITUS, we consult with you to agree exactly what you need and why. Whether it's a limited public records search, or an in-depth investigation spanning the globe, we'll put our discreet experts to work to make sure you maximise your returns.

The service will include:

  • General background screening
  • Individuals vetted
  • Business background checks
  • Corporate filings
  • Civil litigation history
  • Property and asset searches
  • Senior Executives and Directors checks
  • Business sales and purchase histories
  • Previous involvement with Investments
  • Corporate Strategic Partnerships
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • International business checks & reputation checks particularly in emerging markets
  • Financial profile and analysis
  • UK and off shore investigations
  • Investigating the links, associations and previous activities of businesses or individuals
  • The integrity of the company and key stake holders
  • Vulnerability surveys in compliance with FSA regulations regarding Anti Bribery legislation
  • Recommendations to prevent potential long term financial loss or reputation damage
  • Enhanced due diligence on mergers and acquisitions
  • Review of previous and current Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Compliance with economic sanctions
  • Additional measures to ensure indemnity bonds applied when necessary
  • Verification of the validity of company formation documents
  • Confirmation of suitability to hold key stake holder posts (directors/secretaries)

Often, it is necessary to fully investigate an organisation or person’s history from multiple sources, whether private databases, non-standard sources which lawyers or accountants are unlikely to use, and, where necessary, human source due diligence acquired from our extensive international network of vetted and trusted individuals. This service can be carried out discreetly by our investigators based in the UK. If travel is required you will be consulted for acceptance of any additional costs.

With agents in over 130 countries, we deliver discovery, on time and to budget.